A Little Hawaiian Romance

A Little Hawaiian Romance
Maybe it’s the plumeria, tiare, coconut oil, or scent of sunscreen, but love is in the air pretty much all the time in Hawaii. Ask anyone for their favorite romantic spot, and they will 1: Have a list of at least a dozen places or 2: not even share because they want to keep it a secret. Well, I’ve bypassed both of those tendencies, and compiled a little list of three rather romantic spots in Hawaii.

1: Hanalei Bay (Kauai)
If walks on the beach are your thing, well Hanalei takes your promenade to a whole new level. There is something almost surreal about the combination of the mountains, beach, surfing, and Bali Hai off in the distance. It’s also where my husband and I were married. Beat that cupid.

2: Lanikai (Oahu)
I think you can be active and romantic all at once, and Lanikai is the ideal location. A postcard perfect day would look like this: Hike the Pillboxes and watch the sunrise, then rent a two person kayak and paddle out to the Mokes. Rest, relax and picnic on Lanikai beach, then top it all off with a Mai Tai or BFRD at Buzz’s. Yum, in so many ways.

3: Hana - Seven Sacred Pools (Maui)
It’s as remote, tropical and lush as you can get, and well worth the drive. One of the best things to do, is camp out overnight by the Seven Sacred Pools, then in the morning, you wake up and have all of this untouched, peaceful, jaw-dropping beauty all to yourself. Swoon.


Lisa's favorite romantic spot in Hawaii

letartesw 356
"My favorite is Big Island 4 seasons - the beach out front is so relaxing and peaceful. Watching the turtles come up to the sandy beaches is a pure bliss!"

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