Black & White ~ Mau Loa ~ Always & Forever

letartesw 357
One of the many timeless seascapes shared through the lens of Lisa’s husband,
photographer and professional waterman Pete Cabrinha.

There is something mysterious about black and white.  Something that intrigues us.

Black and white classical photography emphasizes natural beauty.
Black and white clothing with its stylized romanticism and colorless palette adds richness to each garment.  Light and dark fabrics showing understated glamour.

Classic.  Timeless.  Chic.

letartesw 357

Letarte’s Essential collection goes beyond the basics of black and white.  The styles are effortless and display their own beauty with intricate detail.  Lisa Letarte Cabrinha uses classic crochet, endless embroidery and simple silhouettes, all representing a Tropical-Luxe lifestyle.

Letarte’s Essentials make a statement with design details and flattering forms to compliment every closet.


Lisa's favorite Essentials


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